A short story about the end of the world...

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When I have a relationship, it is never half-hearted. I don’t believe in half-measures or compromise. I give everything I’ve got, because that’s the way I am.
- Freddie Mercury (via pozyton)

What are your top 3 favourite memories?

1. My cousins wedding reception. Best night of my life.

2. Amsterdam. Everything about that trip, best holiday ever.

3. Belsonic last year. Unreal gig, better times.

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Drugs. Every single one has my approval, get fucked and then you die. Sounds like life.

It would be an honour to know the workings of your mind.

Thank you. But it wouldn’t be an honour I’m afraid.

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I’d rather hold a blade to my arm every night, than have it wrapped around you
- Fuck.


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I have the same conversation over and over again, every night in my head. I swear the only way I can sleep is to believe it’s not like this.


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